Monday, April 20, 2009

Knock knock!

Hello spring. Good bye winter =). I guess it is already spring here in Moscow since the weather is rising up and the snow and muddy walkway are already gone. Owh, maybe not the snow-yet. Because it was snowing kinda heavily last Saturday! People are expecting spring to come but then, it is snowing. That is what we call the power of God. Even though it is spring, if He wants the snow to fall, then it will fall.

Oh ya, firstly let me explain about the title of this post :). People might think "why it is knock knock?". Nothing to do with the seasons. Hehe. Say hello to the 5 days holiday that we are having! (actually not so hello since we had it since Friday, just that I can't think of another title). Yeah, Friday. Since I skipped the Physics lecture for the first and maybe, the second last time (next week terpaksa as we are going to Volgograd). Feeling guilty of course, but for the sake of Friday prayers, that was what we did. Something need to be sacrificed for another something, although both are equally important to us. Now I am in a dilemma for the weeks to come. Which one should I choose after this? I'll bear that in my mind and ask someone professional for it :). And we had a small basketball training after that (around 4?). It was our last training before the curfew, and guess what? It ain't done me any good. Ok, for the formations, I got it, but for the post-play, I was not very happy with it. Blaming it to whom? Well, i'll just keep it to myself :).

Second day: Saturday. Woke up late in the morning =.='. Not normal here since that Sun rises very very early. Huhu. Did my subuh prayers, and then, got ready to go to Uncle Zul's house. First we stopped at Ashan to buy something for Angah (uncle's cute daughter. Hehe) for her birthday. We got 2 cakes and a few bottle of iced tea. Got out of Ashan and it is time for the most anticipating moment ever-bus waiting. Geez. We all hate this. It was already one hour, and there was no bus whatsoever that is going to uncle's house. We decided to take the first bus (that is not heading to where we are going), and then switch to another bus. The chances are higher, but we ended up taking the bus that also pass through the first place we waited. Typical Saturday morning. Every week before our Saturday classes, the same thing happened :). At last we arrived at uncle's house. And, we were late for one a half hour than what we promised. Huhu. Sorry! They were cooking when we arrived. The girls (seniors) were busy helping auntie with the dishes while the guys were busy (too) keeping the kids enlighten and happy. Maybe that was the only thing that we can do. The menu for that day : Nasi tomato, ayam masak merah and sambal belacan. SLURRPPP!!! It has been ages since we last ate that kind of food. It was delicious and saliva-dropping. Before lunch, we had a small birthday celebration for Angah and Mete (a senior, whose birthday falls coincidencely on the day we came). We had to make it earlier because Mete and a friend of his were leaving for a sport training. Here are some pictures of it:
Happy birthday bro and angah! :)
Before the small celebration

Wah! Boya penyayang :)
Me and the "hawt" guy. (Feeling surprisingly warm when he put his hand on me :))
Some random not-so-nice pic during it

Okie. Done with the birthday. Next was the time that we were waiting for. The climax. The highlight of all the event. Lunch! and cake eating. Hehe. We chatted as we filled up our empty belly. We didn't had breakfast so..... I'll leave it that for you to think what is it :). Lunch done and people were going off. We had some rest. Watched the television, played some games (virtual games i.e the console) and fooling around with the kids. Around 4 o'clock, we went down to the playground and played football and badminton. It was nice playing with them. Reminiscing the memories of me playing with my sisters and brothers, cousin and uncles, friends and girlfriends. Ahhh. Those were one of the beautiful days of my life. Me and Fuad decided to hop on the swing. It was calm and the weather was superb. The sun was rising high, high enough to make someone heliophobia to keep himself in the shades.
Fuad wasn't focusing!!

Everyone was tired and we headed back up around 5. We stayed in uncle's house until 8 o'clock. In between it, auntie served us with fried mee with prawn. Man. I think she read our mind on this. Hehe. Thank you very much uncle and auntie for your hospitality! We will be there again some other time! :). Left their house 15 after 8, as we have promised Hazzeeq and the other dudes to play futsal that night. Lucky us, the court wasn't far from our hostel. If not, we won't have the guts to even stepped out of the hostel at night. It was really fun. Especially when you can do what is called ole to other people. Haha. Not my worst game that night Kur. 2 was more than enough :). Got back. Did my Isya' prayers and poof! Off to bed. One day down.

Sunday. The cycle continues as usual. Woke up late, laze around the room, surfing the internet, talked to my mother, listening to music, and chatting with the dudes in the room. For the first time, I browsed through youtube by myself (I have on the internet by not streaming on videos :)). I don't know why but I started searching on all of the Petronas Raya, CNY and Deepavali commercial. Surprisingly, one of the commercial put me on tears. It reminds me of my parents and to cherish them always. Remember them always, the sacrifices that they've made and the love that they have given to you. I'll link it up at the end of my post. And I didn't even touch the book! Aiyoh! What is happening bro?! Hope to start studying by today. Need to fill up my brain with something useful and educational at least. I-desperately-need-some-study-boosting-pills.

And now, it is Monday. Already half past 12. Qaiyum is getting ready to cook lunch for us, and I am leaving soon to help him. 2 and a half more days to go until our holiday ends. What to do. We are not allowed to get out of the hostels because of certain circumtances. And because of that circumstance also that we were given this holiday. Like what Kak Sarah said (a senior here, sorry for taking your words, maybe you won't even know, but nevermind), it is actually not a holiday, more like a horrid-day. If you don't know about it, then it is better to not know about it. Ok, now I am going back to my daily routine. And going to start studying since the Anatomy controls are around the corner. Now say hi to the books :). Salam.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sang Penakut

Melihat ke luar tingkap,
Memandang telus, ke cabangan jalan persisiran kota,
Duduk termangu, memikir apa akan berlaku,
Kaki di atas pemanas, minda berjalan pantas,
Aktiviti sang penakut, tanpa berkata, tanpa menyebut,
Mulut terkunci, suara terlekat, pada tekak sendiri.

Kedengaran suara rakan, sedang rancak dalam perbualan,
Namun, sang penakut masih di dalam dunianya,
Melayang-layang di alam fantasi,
Senyap seketika, rakan bergurau senda,
Ingin menggetarkan kotak suara, tetapi hampa,
Otot larynx kejang, tidak mampu bertutur panjang.

Apakah yang boleh dilakukan?
Pabila sejak azali sudah ditetapkan,
Mindanya dikawal oleh perasaan,
Perasaan menyepi dari persekitaraan,
Perasaan takut menyelubungi badan.

Terlalu banyak rahsia disimpan, malu untuk diterjemahkan,
Daripada marah kepada seseorang,
Hingga ke cinta pada gadis pinangan,
Cerita terpendam di hati, adakah boleh dibawa mati?
Akan tetapi, perlukah anda semua mengetahui?
Biarlah cerita hanyut dek ingatan luput,
Kerna itulah sifat sang penakut,
Menyimpan apa yang diketahui, mengunci segala berkenaan diri.

Kisah sang penakut, mengusir diri dari realiti,
Hanya fikir, fikir dan fikir,
Tiada aplikasi, tiada intonasi,
Ekspresi muka senantiasa sama, tatkala serius mahupun gembira,
Sudah diketahui semua, walau senyuman, tiada beza,
Sang penakut, masih si dia.