Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Indah bukan?

Alangkah indahnya
Jika manusia ini sama
Akal, perangai dan juga fikiran
Tiadalah masalah bertandang dan singgah, bukan?

Alangkah indahnya
Jika keadaan dunia sama
Tenang aman selesa senang
Pupuslah segala keluhan sejuk dan panas, bukan?

Alangkah indahnya
Jika segalanya percuma
Wang duit sudah tiada nilainya
Mengambil yang berkenan
Tanpa takut, malu dan segan

Oh, indahnya, bukan?

Tetapi tidak sesekali ia berlaku
Kerna dunia ini dicipta Tuhan
Dicipta dengan teliti dan sempurna
Daripada sekecil-kecil sel hinggalah sebesar-besar organisma
Segalanya dengan sebab dan alasan
Untuk tujuan yang terutama
Melakukan apa disuruh-Nya, dan meninggalkan apa larangan-Nya

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

adikku yg gedempol

Hari ni birthday dia. Dulu bila birthday dia dalam 8 tahun lepas, dia bercita-cita untuk menjadi seorang wrestler yang hebat. Harap-harap ianya menjadi kenyataan :)

Selamat Hari Jadi Syed Faiq. Moga sentiasa dicucuri rahmat dan diberkati-Nya :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009


"Why say "NO" to something you did not agree with? Respect others point of view, think twice and probably it is a life changing decision for you."


Friday, December 4, 2009

It is December?

It has been 2 weeks since my last update but I think that this is normal for me. I've never exceeded 4 posts a month and my normal frequency is once a month. And now with the frequency of me using the computer is getting lesser, posting something here would have taken my time off my daily usage. What a lame excuse it is, but now my laptop has got 2 users. Somehow spending less time on the computer made me spend more time on books. Haha. At least i'm revising more compared to facebook-ing, online-ing etc. That is the good part of it :)

Oh well.

A lot of things had happened during the past 2 weeks. We went to the circus! It was interesting, seeing creatures doing what they don't normally do and watching terrifying stunts that can blow your feet of the ground. Yeah, I'm exaggerating :).

The advert

As all of you can see, the event is mostly done to attract the children. And they have done it wonderfully. I think almost half of the hall was full with kids. It started of well-the lights, the effects, the crowd, everything! The two main characters, Dolli and Domeno introduced themselves and the performances begun. From the horses running around the stage, to lions crawling through tunnels. The main idea of all these performances were to make the child to be happier. When the child enters this world of amazing friends, he can befriended with anyone and do anything fun. But throughout the whole night (we were there form 7-10), there were something very inappropriate being shown to the crowd (mostly kids). The female performers they are. Some of them were dressed half-naked! Wow. Is this what they are showing the kids? Maybe it is not suitable for the Eastern culture, but I'm not quite sure about here. I was pretty shocked by this although the main purpose is not to show their body, it is to entertain the crowd and live up their character. Minus hyper revealing performers and some boring scenes, i'm giving it an overall 8/10 rating. If anyone is planning to visit Moscow, a visit to the circus is very recommended. Do try once :)

The lights were beautiful!

This is probably the highlight of the show, which is at the end of it :)

Referring to my previous post, I was actually kinda mad that day. But emotion changes and doesn't stay in the same position all the time :). Owh and that statement that I said, was actually strengthen by my Histology lecturer recently. I can still remember her saying when the students were noisy, "Keep silence, or sleep if you want to". Lucky us our the other lecturer does not bother to warn anyone of us. Even though we hated that subject so much, why don't we give the lecturer at least some respect? In fact, she is the one who teaches us, trying to give away knowledge that are priceless, yet charged nothing from us. I was mad plus sad the other day. Is this what was teached to us when we were small? This is common sense. I'm sad that not everyone has this kind of thinking. Like an old Malay saying, "Darah sama merah, hati lain-lain". Sigh. The lecturer has done their part, why don't we keep silence and listen to what she is talking about? It can be interesting, if we do not bother to talk, and pay our full attention to her. It won't hurt anyone too :)

Yes. I'm directing this to you, to those who makes noises during the lecture and unconsiously, disturbing it. Tolonglah terasa :)


Wishlist are out! And alhamdulillah I've got hold on a few of it. First, a keyboard. Now I'm trying to improve myself on it, to not let my fingers karat like what happened before :).

Next, a backpack for travelling. This is what I very much need for this semester. Hope that our plan to go to Turkey and summer plannings will be realised.

3rd, to plan the winter holidays. We planned to go to Turkey and Cyprus might be in the list. Since we are not going to use any tourist guide, we hope to plan this accordingly with, of course, a couple or two hitches. But we will try to minimize it. Oh well, pray for us that this will soon be a reality InsyaAllah. The Cotton castle of Pamukkale, and maybe the Saranta Kolones ruins of Paphos? :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cuba fikir?

Kadang-kadang ada orang cakap, kalau kita tido time orang cakap kat depan, tu tanda tak bagi perhatian. Tapi kalau untuk yang berjaga pula, tapi sembang-sembang hu ha hu ha sampai satu dewan dengar macam mana pulak tu?

Sebab tu lah, orang selalu cakap, "kalau lah tak mau dengar sangat orang tu cakap, lebih baik tido drpd buat bising so that korang tak kacau orang lain".

Friday, October 23, 2009

красно-синий, самый сильный!!

(Translation=red-blue is the strongest!)

This is what the CSKA Moscow fans are chanting each time their team is playing, wherever and whenever. Even when they lost to any of the big teams I suppose, Man. United for example last Wednesday. A trait that I really respect them, a character of being supportive to your team regardless what happens. Even though I am not into fanaticism, their spirit of their team and fully committed to it makes me wonder, do us Malaysians are doing this, giving our full commitment to our own national team? I'm not generalising here but I am pretty sure that most of us is critisizing them. Why don't we spare them some chance and be supportive to them :).

Oh well, back to the point. The match between CSKA and Man. United was awesome! It was my first experience watching a live football match in a stadium with the local fans. I must admit we do felt a bit insecure before and after the match. But hey, we blended in well, and alhamdulillah we got home safely. It was one helluva experience! I am of course on CSKA side since I don't know why, I don't really like the away team. Unfortunately, the home team lost by one goal, thanks to Antonio Valencia. Haish.

The ticket

Van der Sar warming up

The match is on!

Nani, Semberas, Krasic, Berbatov, Owen

We are under the stadium's roof! :)

We enjoyed the night, screaming and shouting, routing for our favourite team of the day, CSKA. After this I hope that CSKA will advance and meet with either Real Madrid, Barcelona or Arsenal. It will be very interesting :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I am lucky

[1] The longest day of the week has officially ended. But of course, we have to endure it every week, therefore ending it today somehow doesn't mean much. Every Thursday will be like this until (I hope) the first sem ended. Day description: Classes+Lectures for 11 hours straight from 9 till 8. Excluding the time taken to get to the metro in the morning and back at the hostel at night. Imagine it during winter. It will be pitch black when we will be on our way home. We love Thursdays. Bright side:3 days of holiday (friday can be considered as holiday too as we have only one class-Russian).We love our weekends.

[2] Syawal updates! Our previous weekends were all. I mean ALL filled with open houses. It was great. The food of course is the greatest. Once we went to the girl's house located at the South of Moscow, there were lotsa pastries. From cheese cakes to caramel. Seriously I can't list everything since there were a lot of them that I didn't know. My sole job is to bring my empty stomach there and do what I do best. Thank you everyone for the open houses! Hope that there will be more even though Syawal is heading toward its end. Tak rugi kalau selalu buat makan-makan :)

[3] I will be a CSKA Moscow fan for a week till next Wednesday. A CSKA muffler maybe? Sure. Never an Man. United fan. See, I can't even type their whole team name. I just don't know why. Owh, will be back to Bolton's after their Champions League match.

[4] Controls, controls and controls. We are having it almost every week. Next is gonna be histology. The subjects are getting tougher and tougher. Nevermind. I have chosen this path and will not turn back ever.

[5] Now residing on the fifth floor of the hostel. To get to this floor, especially after a day of class, will surely be tiring. After one semester, I expect all my pes muscles to grow larger and my fitness to increase. Dah la hampir hari-hari jalan pergi metro (app. 2km).

[6] Still finding some time to go shopping. My stock of khakis and t-shirts has been depleting. I desperately need new ones. Maybe my plan to save for the next summer holiday will fail? Maybe... And the plan to get myself a keyboard is still on. Planning to survey the prices at different places all over Moscow, to get the cheapest and best price, will start tomorrow insyaAllah. "cheap ones are at par with the expensive ones". Life motto.

[7] The winter and summer holiday plans are out! Haha. I hope it won't be a mere plan. Realizing it is my main goal. Winter to where? Secret. Hehe. Summer through the trans-siberian railway to Beijing, Hong Kong, Malaysia. InsyaAllah :)

[8] Tonight is officially our night off. After a hectic 4 days of class, we truly deserve a whole night rest. Alhamdulillah i've still got the chance to write here and being able to update.

[9] One more. Moscow has got its own Carrefour! I have always been wanting to share this but unfortunately, time has been very restricting. It is near Metro Fili. Your welcome.

*Almost all of my posts will somehow, be related to food. I guess I am food-o-philiac?
**Please rout for CSKA Moscow for next week's clash.

For now.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Raya update!

Adikku manis, cantik bergaya, Bolehkah abang nak sikit kuih raya?..dan seterusnya

At last, a post on aidilfitri here, or more specifically, our first day of Syawal. Our second and the days after are all occupied by classes and worse, controls.
Aidilfitri has been a wonderful time for me this year. It is way better than last year. Since we have been living for nearly together for a year, the gap between us, the students, maybe, has been narrowing by each day. That is what I like about it. Celebrating it together as a community was super fun! Even though we are away from family, the community here made me forget about that. A second family here I suppose? Cool.

Our first day of raya started off well-by waking up late. The best start ever. We were suppose to be ready early as our hostel is situated far from the Malaysian embassy. The girls (as usual) are earlier I don't know why. We ended up late at the embassy. When we reached there, the solat sunat was done and the khutbah has started halfway. Lucky for us there were other latecomers, too and we were grateful for that :).

Khutbah has ended and it is the most anticipated time ever-breakfast. Of course, we woke up late and didn't have much time. Although we missed the solat sunat, we still need to eat right? Again we were lucky as the food served is not that much compared to those who present. The embassy didn't expect that much to come. Ate outside the embassy's compound and after we are done, it is the photography session. Since there are a lot, I mean, A LOT of DSLR owners, I barely took pictures with my compact camera. The feeling of inferiority of course, but hey, at least I got them to take my pics. That morning was really fun. Snapping pictures with everyone, enjoying what we can't if we are back in our hometown. The little tiny whiney feeling of being away from family banished, with the substitution of happiness.

Okay. There were a lot of photos taken on that day. We went straight to the Red Square after finished photoshooting in the embassy's compound. There wasn't, indeed, the kampung feeling but hey, we are now in a city. Just like raya-ing in KL.

do rotate your head for this

class of 2014 that was present

A happy duet?

that is not a mosque (thx mubin)

Yen and Alia on the square

Salam Eid from the Red Square! (thx kumbang)

Obviously, we did what we do best-posing for the cameras and got our pictures in. There are all from the first day of Syawal. What do you think about the second day? Yeah. We have classes of course. That same night, my group mates and I need to prepare for tomorrow's class which is Biochemistry and Histology. But hey, this is our way of celebrating raya. Where else can we experience this? I don't think the Malaysians are crazy enough to not give the second raya as a holiday. If they are, then I am impressed. Our classes are filled as usually, from Monday till Friday. But on weekends, open houses await us. Last weekend only, we had 4 altogether. Fuh! It was tiring. From the north of Moscow, to the south, then centre, after that back home, to the east. Tiring, but it was compensated by the amount of food we ate. No pictures here! Since I forgot to bring my camera with me, and to charge its battery.

It was one helluva raya we got here. Far from family and country doesn't matter, as long as you have a great company with you, regardless which race is he in and where he is from. Wherever we are and whatever we do, adapting with the surrounding and its people is the most important thing. We are here for a purpose, and I'm supposed all of us know about that. Hope that again, I'll be meeting with next year's Ramadhan and Syawal, either in Malaysia or in Moscow.

step into the square

till then.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Malam time raya first tak sempat sebab kena makan dengan buku

Mood:raya pertama yang seronok, raya kedua penuh dengan kelas.

Belum lagi terlambat untuk wish semua orang selamat hari raya yah?

Salam Aidilfitri!

Moga salah silap dimaafkan dan segalanya dihalalkan. Moga pembaca-pembaca juga gembira di samping keluarga, paling kurang pun di samping rakan-rakan. Selamat berjaya semua :)

*pictures and a more elaborated post will appear later.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Good morning

[1] Alhamdulillah. Tick tock tick tock. Everything has gone so fast that I did not realize that it is already the 3rd day of Ramadhan. Syukur to the Almighty because we are once again able to be in this fasting month. I considered myself as lucky since not everyone were given the chance to feel what I am experiencing. Do be grateful to everything, as there are hiqmah in anything that is going on.

[2] Tonight is my last night here at home. And this is surely my last post from Penang, our beloved land and truly the best one, at least to me. How I wish I could spend more nights here with my family and friends. But fortunately [:)], tomorrow night we will be flying off, again, to our beloved-too-city of Moscow. Sorry to all my friends that I did not meet during the past 2 months. There are always next year right? And thank you to all that I have met. It is a pleasure for me to have you guys around and to know that you still remember me.

[3] Before I left for my place of study, of course, there are a lot of shopping needs to be done. Especially during this Malaysian Mega sale. It is ahmayzing. As usual before shopping, a visit to the ATM is a must. I was queueing up waiting for my turn. There are two ladies in front of me, spending their own sweet time, doing I dont know what with the ATmachine. After a while of patience (puasa), finally they are done. While I was withdrawing, a guard was standing beside me. And the most grotesque thing happened. That guard spitted beside me! S**t. Although he aimed for the waste paper basket, which in coincidently beside me too, it was very rude. Rukun negara ke-5: Kesopanan dan kesusilaan. What happened to it? Obviously we as Malaysian did not practice what is written. There are no use of reciting it everyday if we do not know what it really means.

[4] No more playing and twindling with my hair. Short indeed now. New semester new hairstyle. Cool :).

[5] Most of the things in my wishlist for the holiday has been fulfilled. Some of it aren't, which including finishing up the anatomy syllabus from page one till the end. Aiseh. Will double up the effort next sem.

[6]And for the next sem, I have been hoping to buy a keyboard. At least it can kill my boredom. I need some music in me.

[7] For my last night here, I think this is enough. Happy fasting to everyone, and hope to see all of you back in Moscow in one piece.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Care for a nose job?

I know that I have not been posting anything lately. And owh, the title has nothing to do witht he post alright:). My 2 months of holiday are so filled with a lot of things until I have no idea on what to put up. Ok, I'm lying. I have been spending most of my time at home and I am sure loving it :). My brain is just so drained up that I do not know what to write. Being at home relaxing is actually the best way of meditating. At least I am thinking of that. Anytime I want to sleep, anytime I want to eat or drink, I can actually do everything without any restrictions. No anatomy books to stop me from sleeping, apparently, no restriction to anything. Hehe. This is what I call life.

Apart from being at home, I have traveled a lot. From Kedah to Johor, the only state that I did not stop by is Melaka and Negeri Sembilan. Of course, when it comes to travelling, money came first as the main priority. Most of the money goes to my mode of travelling-the bus. Others were spent on food etc. To my surprise, I have been going back and forth, from Penang to Selangor and vice versa, around 5 times! Now that is a record for myself. 5 times in 2 months. One word=WOW. As you can see, I am now nearly broke to be. I am really hoping that our monthly allowance will be deposited soon to our accounts. Amin.

Being at home has made me addicted with this one gadget-the camera. Since I do not own one (a DSLR I mean), this is the chance for me to play with it to the fullest! I have been exploring it, but what can I say when I am not as talented and my knowledge in photography is very little. But there is no harm in trying right? Some of my shots are in my flickr, here are some which are not. I am not using real life models since it is harder to be handled with :).

Panning: This was my first try :)

Frenzy at Bukit Jalil LRT

At 1945 Penang. I was shocked that it was not dark yet.

The famous Russian matryoshka doll

4 years and still in use. Rubber band or not, I hope our relationship will never end.

Children. We are the ones who colours them.

Oh well, at least my holiday is filled up with something. It is not boring at all! Even though I did not go for holidays in Tioman or Kuching, I am still enjoying it. Nothing beats the tranquility and serenity of being at home!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday night

Current favourite: Do you-Yiruma

I have no idea but his pieces has been stuck inside my head since the first day I heard it. A must to listen. Do search for his music in youtube :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bersediakah kita?

Sudah bersediakah anda ketika dipanggil oleh Allah S.W.T?
Bersihkan lah dirimu sebelum kamu dimandikan,
Berwudhu'lah sebelum kamu diwudhu'kan,
Bersolatlah sebelum kamu disolatkan,
Tutuplah aurat sebelum auratmu ditutupkan,
Dengan kain kafan yang serba putih,
Tiada guna lagi sedih pada waktu itu,
Walaupun yang hadir itu merintih.

Selepas itu diletaknya di atas lantai,
Lalu dilaksanakan solat jenazah,
Dengan empat takbir dan satu salam,
Berserta Fatihah, selawat dan doa,
Sebagai memenuhi tuntutan kifayah.

Tapi apakah empat takbir itu dapat menebus,
Segala dosa tinggalkan solat tatkala hidup?
Apakah solat tanpa rukuk dan sujud itu,
Dapat membayar hutang rukuk dan sujud yang telah luput?

Sungguh tertipulah dirimu jika beranggapan demikian,
Justeru ku menyeru saudaraku sekalian,
Usunglah dirimu ke tikar solat,
Sebelum diusung ke liang lahad,
Menjadi makanan, cacing dan ulat.

Iringilah dirimu ke masjid,
Sebelum kamu diiringi ke pusara,
Tangisilah dosa-dosamu di dunia,
Kerana tangisan tidak berguna lagi di alam baqa'.

Sucikanlah dirimu sebelum kamu disucikan,
Sedarlah kamu sebelum kamu disedarkan,
Dengan panggilan Izrail yang menakutkan!
Berimanlah kamu sebelkum ditalkinkan,
Kerana ianya berguna untuk yang tinggal,
Bukan yang pergi.

Beristighfarlah kamu sebelum diistighfarkan,
Namun ketika itu istighfar tidak menyelamatkan.

Ingatlah di mana sahaja kamu berada,
Kamu tetap memijak bumi Tuhan,
Dan dibumbungi dengan langit Tuhan,
Serta menikmati rezeki Tuhan,
Justeru bila Dia menyeru,
Sambutlah seruan-Nya sebelum Dia memanggilmu,
Ingatlah kamu, hamba-Nya yang hina.

Dari air mani,
Menjadi segumpal darah,
Menjadi seketul daging,
Lalu daging itu membaluti tulang,
Lalu jadilah kamu insan yang mempunyai erti.

Ingatlah asal usulmu yang tidak bernilai itu,
Unsur tanah, pijakan ramai,
Jijik ada yang kata, kotor ramai yang rasa,
Tetapi Allah mengangkatmu ke suatu mercu,
Yang lebih agung dari malaikat.

Lahirmu bukan untuk dunia,
Tapi gunakanlah ia buat melayar bahtera akhirat.

Sambutlah seruan "Hayya 'alas Solah"
Denga penuh rela dan bersedia,
Sambutlah seruan"Hayya 'alal Falah"
Jalan kemenangan dunia dan akhirat.

Ingatlah yang kekal adalah amal,
Menjadi bekal sepanjang jalan,
Menjadi teman di perjalanan,
Untuk kembali ke pangkuan Tuhan.

Pada hari itu tiada gunanya,
Harta, takhta dan putera,
Isteri, wang dan kereta,
Rumah, saham dan niaga,
Kalau dahi tak mencecah tanah di dunia.

Courtesy of Surau Hospital Ampang Putri

Sebagai peringatan bukan sahaja kepada semua pembaca, juga untuk diri penulis yang lemah ini. Saya teringat kata-kata seorang rakan, "Semoga panjang umur, mati tak mengenal umur". Memang betul katanya. Segalanya mengikut ketetapan Allah s.w.t. Mungkin hari ini kita masih sihat, esoknya kita sudah tiada. Sesungguhnya dunia ini hanya sementara dan akhirat jua pengakhirannya. Harap agar menjadi pengajaran buat semua.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Post kali ini ada kaitan dengan yang masih hidup mahupun yang telah meninggal dunia.

Berikut adalah beberapa
wish-wish yang diberikan kepada aku melalui penulisan, sebelum aku meninggalkan setiap sekolah yang aku pernah pergi. Terjumpa buku berkenaan ini tatkala bosan dan insomnia.

Aku dapat yang ini waktu tingkatan 4, bila nak tukar sekolah pertama. Sang penulis=Afif (
nama tak dicensored atas sebab tertentu). Wishnya (klik gambar untuk besarkan, kalau tak boleh, baca sini sahaja): "Aku harap rambut hang membesar".

POOF!! Alhamdulillah. Doa anda dimakbulkan. Rambut aku sekarang besar dan sedang membesar dengan pesat.

Ada lagi 3 di atas tetapi tidak begitu penting.

Ini pula yang kedua. Aku dapat waktu nak keluar dari SBPI Kubang Pasu nak masuk RMC.

POOF!! Doa anda juga dimakbulkan. Alhamdulillah aku masih lagi seperti tertera di atas.

Perhatian kepada rakan-rakan seperjuangan aku di Moscow, nukilan ini bertarikh pada 2006. Maksudnya aku dari dulu dah
cute. Tidak boleh disangkal lagi. Nama penulis dicensored kerana sebab khas. Sekarang kerana bilik aku dulu kesemuanya mempunyai nama binatang kecuali aku, jadi aku diberi nama hamster. Memang secocok.

Selepas selesai dengan buku itu, aku beralih kepada fail aku yang lama tidak berbuka. Aku selak-selak dan ternampak satu surat (bertulis tangan). Aku masih ingat, sebab surat ini lah aku kena marah sebab kawan aku tak tulis nama aku atas sampul. Tempat menerima:sekolah. Hampes.

Dia tulis satu persamaan "tak cukup tidur+study gila-gila=me". Aku harap anda tidak gila macam study
yea. Mungkin surat yang pertama dan terakhir aku dapat kerana orang zaman sekarang lebih suka berbalas e-mail ataupun SMS walaupun tulisan tangan merupakan sesuatu yang lebih bermakna. Aku tahu, aku sendiri tidak suka menulis, lebih-lebih lagi surat. Akan tetapi, kepada sesiapa yang ingin menghantar surat bertulis tangan kepada aku, InsyaAllah akan aku usahakan untuk membalasnya.

*Aku harap agar tiada siapa akan berasa tersinggung.
Sekian untuk kali ini. Cuti ini ada juga faedahnya.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

3 penjuru

Di satu penjuru sebelah kanan,
Kedengaran sayup, suara rakan,
Keluar segar dari dewan,
Sibuk berbincang tentang peperiksaan,
Itu salah, ini bukan,
Pelbagai bahan menjadi alasan.

Terdengar juga perkataan-perkataan,
Yang tidak patut menjadi perbualan,
Kata-kata kesat memenuhi ruangan,
Jelak mata memandang, rosak pendengaran.

Mengapa harus diperkata sedemikian?
Tidak syukurkah wahai insan?
Adakah dia kurang kefahaman?
Ataupun tidak pernah dia praktikkan?
Percayalah bahawa terdapat kebaikan,
Dari segala yang sudah ditetapkan.

Halaman yang penuh dengan pelajar,
Ada membaca, ada berehat sahaja,
Seorang demi seorang, masuk ke dewan,
Seorang demi seorang, keluar dengan keputusan.

Sekumpulan manusia sedang berbincang,
Didatangi taulan, yang melepasi rintangan,
Bolehlah, kata si taulan,
Keputusan elok sekadar memuaskan,
"Adakah benar wahai teman?"
"Ya, benar" jawapan penuh keyakinan.

Sukar untuk kami percaya,
Kerana si taulan, pelajar istimewa,
Segalanya berada, di hujung jarinya,
Memuaskan? Pelik bunyinya.

Tepat sekali jangkaan kami,
Si taulan sebenarnya, mendapat lima,
Mengapa sanggup memalsukannya?
Kerana mahu menangkis riak?
Ya, semua faham. Tetapi caranya, betul atau tidak?
Adakah tiada alternatif yang lain?
Banyak tawakal, mungkin jawabnya,
Tiada riak, tipu pun tidak.

Suara halus di penghujung sana,
Milik wanita berbaju terang, bertudung gelap,
Duduk bersila mengenang nasib,
Bermusahabah berfikir kembali,
Salah silap semalam dan hari ini.

Linangan air mengalir di pipi,
Titis demi titis jatuh ke lantai,
Saccus lacrimalis terbuka, tanpa disedari pemiliknya,
Telah cuba dia bertahan, tetapi gagal,
Suasana hening di pagi peperiksaan,
Sesiapapun tak sedar, gerangan sang penangis.

Perlahan-lahan mencapai bagasi,
Apakah isinya memberi ketenangan?
Sejenis naskhah dibawa keluar,
Satu per satu diselak sang wanita,
Ya, benar. Al-Quran dipegangnya,
Menghayati setiap ayat yang tersimpan,
Untuk mendapat ketenangan yang berkekalan.

Wanita tabah menghadapi dugaan,
Walau apa rintangan di hadapan,
Kitab suci Allah sentiasa menjadi pegangan,
Tatkala senang mahupun kesempitan.

Nota 1: Saccus lacrimalis ialah "tear sac" dalam Latin.

Nota 2: Minta maaf kerana lama tidak update =). Sibuk dengan persiapan pulang dan peperiksaan. Post ini pun sudah lama, cuma tak sempat untuk publish.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

A moment of relaxation

30th of May 2009. It was sunny and there was no sign of rain whatsoever. What else can you describe the weather as? Perfect? Superb? And everything synonym with it of course =). A great day for a picnic a.k.a barbecue. We had that yesterday. It was fantastic. Especially the food. Although it was a little bit burnt, whatever that can be filled into our stomach, is considered as tasty and delicious. I can't say anything about the cooking as I am not the man behind the grill (want to keep my shirt off the smell of smoke). I was assigned as the photographer on that day. I know it might not be great photos, but hey, pictures say a thousand words aite? Location=a pond near the M2 hostel. The place is very strategic yet magnificent. The view is nice (I mean the environment, not the ones who were sunbathing). Went there around 10 and returned at 3. After eating, me and Fuad went to the other end of the lake to rent i-dont-know-what-it-is-called-thing (see picture below) to explore the lake more. Had a great time my friends. Sorry to those who weren't invited. Next time we'll organize a larger one. Huhu =.=' :).

First round of chicken

Paul jaga api?? :)

The garlic breads

Am grateful that you can't reach my head. Hehe

Second round of chicken

Careful. Acap might get his hand burnt

4 girls, a guy and a barbecue place?? :)

Me and Fuad on "the thing" :)

Matthew and Qaiyum. Happy with a full stomach

The chickens were great and obviously everyone played their own role in making this event a successful one. Thank you to all! =)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One down NINE to go =)

Activities that have passed=

1st: Volgames in Volgograd-The city of heroes (end of April)
2nd: Interusrah games (May 1st in Kahovskaya). Of course we had a blast :)
3rd: Picnic with roommates and friends near the Moscow river (2nd May)
4th: Quest of searching the mosque near Prak Pobedy. Alhamdulillah we reached there safely.
5th: Watched the Victory day parade near Metro Mayakovskaya. It was superb! With all the military tanks and artilleries.
6th: Barbeque at the park (9th May at the embassy). It was a fantastic day. The weather was nice and the best part was that we were in charge of the grills. Haha. The men behind the roasted chickens and sausages. Cook and eat. That is what we do best :)
7th: Another picnic at Vorobyoviy Gori. This time with my usrah group.
8th: Bought a new pair of rollerskates for leisure. Hehe

Here are some pictures for it. Captions are at the bottom yah.

1st: Volgograd's trade mark- Mamayev Kurgan

Had a blast on all of these days. Hope that history can be repeated again. Hehe. But now, it comes the stressful part. The things that are to be done from now till the end of the month

Activities that is now need to be done=EXAMS

One down=Multiple Choice Questions for General Chemistry. How did I fare? Let just say that I don't think that I did my best. Huhu. Now I am just hoping that I passed that exam. And 9 more? Too many to be listed. Probably none of you would like to know (b'coz it is 9!!) =). Oh well, wish me luck in my exams and hope that I can be back in Malaysia this upcoming summer holidays. Catcha later. Salam.

With love,
Syed Danial =)