Sunday, May 31, 2009

A moment of relaxation

30th of May 2009. It was sunny and there was no sign of rain whatsoever. What else can you describe the weather as? Perfect? Superb? And everything synonym with it of course =). A great day for a picnic a.k.a barbecue. We had that yesterday. It was fantastic. Especially the food. Although it was a little bit burnt, whatever that can be filled into our stomach, is considered as tasty and delicious. I can't say anything about the cooking as I am not the man behind the grill (want to keep my shirt off the smell of smoke). I was assigned as the photographer on that day. I know it might not be great photos, but hey, pictures say a thousand words aite? Location=a pond near the M2 hostel. The place is very strategic yet magnificent. The view is nice (I mean the environment, not the ones who were sunbathing). Went there around 10 and returned at 3. After eating, me and Fuad went to the other end of the lake to rent i-dont-know-what-it-is-called-thing (see picture below) to explore the lake more. Had a great time my friends. Sorry to those who weren't invited. Next time we'll organize a larger one. Huhu =.=' :).

First round of chicken

Paul jaga api?? :)

The garlic breads

Am grateful that you can't reach my head. Hehe

Second round of chicken

Careful. Acap might get his hand burnt

4 girls, a guy and a barbecue place?? :)

Me and Fuad on "the thing" :)

Matthew and Qaiyum. Happy with a full stomach

The chickens were great and obviously everyone played their own role in making this event a successful one. Thank you to all! =)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One down NINE to go =)

Activities that have passed=

1st: Volgames in Volgograd-The city of heroes (end of April)
2nd: Interusrah games (May 1st in Kahovskaya). Of course we had a blast :)
3rd: Picnic with roommates and friends near the Moscow river (2nd May)
4th: Quest of searching the mosque near Prak Pobedy. Alhamdulillah we reached there safely.
5th: Watched the Victory day parade near Metro Mayakovskaya. It was superb! With all the military tanks and artilleries.
6th: Barbeque at the park (9th May at the embassy). It was a fantastic day. The weather was nice and the best part was that we were in charge of the grills. Haha. The men behind the roasted chickens and sausages. Cook and eat. That is what we do best :)
7th: Another picnic at Vorobyoviy Gori. This time with my usrah group.
8th: Bought a new pair of rollerskates for leisure. Hehe

Here are some pictures for it. Captions are at the bottom yah.

1st: Volgograd's trade mark- Mamayev Kurgan

Had a blast on all of these days. Hope that history can be repeated again. Hehe. But now, it comes the stressful part. The things that are to be done from now till the end of the month

Activities that is now need to be done=EXAMS

One down=Multiple Choice Questions for General Chemistry. How did I fare? Let just say that I don't think that I did my best. Huhu. Now I am just hoping that I passed that exam. And 9 more? Too many to be listed. Probably none of you would like to know (b'coz it is 9!!) =). Oh well, wish me luck in my exams and hope that I can be back in Malaysia this upcoming summer holidays. Catcha later. Salam.

With love,
Syed Danial =)

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Pertama, 5 April 1988,
Kedua, 20 Julai 1990,
Ketiga, 10 April 1992
Keempat, 29 Disember 1993.

Apakah signifikannya tarikh-tarikh ini?
Mengapakah disusun sebegitu rupa?
Persoalan bertubi-tubi, adakah ia siapa? adakah tarikh semata-mata?
Tarikh lalu hanya sejarah, meskipun orang lupa,
Lupa akan sejarah, perkara biasa, sekeliling kita.


Adakah kita ingat?
Pabila ibu melahirkan kita?
Atau kita terlalu sibuk,
Meminta hadiah, bersama yang lain?

Tidakkah kita ingat,
Pada ketika itu, pada detik itu,
Seorang insan bernama ibu,
Mengerah segala kudrat dan kekuatan,
Menghasilkan kontraksi, menahan sakit dan keperitan.

Semua insan tidak sempurna,
Sifat lupa tak lari ke mana,
Sekadar peringatan kepada semua,
Tanpa ibu siapalah kita.

5 April-Puteri pertama, Sharifah Sarah
20 Julai-Putera pertama, Syed Danial
10 April-Putera kedua, Syed Afiq
29 Disember-Putera ketiga, Syed Faiq
Dengan tambahan, Muhammad Hazim
Terima kasih Mak!
Selamat hari ibu =)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another award =)

This is called the friendship award. Given by Mademoiselle Napster, specially to the selected ones only. Hehe. The best blogger?? I am not so sure about that. But heck, I am still taking the award =). Thank you very much and hope that we'll keep intact as friends forever and ever =)
And for the rules:

1. Put this badge in your awesome blog

2. Award this badge to 10 bloggers whom you think are inspirational n friendly.

3. Make sure you put the recipients' names here, Publish posting with their links.

4. Let them know about this.

And this Friendship Award goes to:

All the bloggers in my list! You guys are all my friends so I am giving this to everyone! Including you mister Napster (it wasn't allowed for my first tag, but I think for this one, I can re-tag you right? Hehe). Thank you again :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

A matter of thought

"Though calculus is hard to do, to be good and make others feel good about you is harder. Especially when u had hurt the person before"

This quote is one of the results from my daily free time activity-blog hopping :). A very catchy quote indeed, since I might have hurt someone either directly or indirectly. And true, if you've tried hard, hard enough for that person to feel at ease with you again, it is almost impossible. A scar inside might not be seen, but it can not be cured even by the best doctors in the world. So, now, I would like to apologize, for every wrong doings that I did, to everyone. I know that this is not sufficient at all (hey, everyone can type nice words and put it into their posts right?), but this actually comes from the bottom of my heart. I hope that this will be the first step for me in becoming a better person in front of everyone, my relatives, friends and the community. Thank you :)

Once I heard," To improve our hablum minallah, first we need to improve our hablum minnas".