Monday, August 24, 2009

Good morning

[1] Alhamdulillah. Tick tock tick tock. Everything has gone so fast that I did not realize that it is already the 3rd day of Ramadhan. Syukur to the Almighty because we are once again able to be in this fasting month. I considered myself as lucky since not everyone were given the chance to feel what I am experiencing. Do be grateful to everything, as there are hiqmah in anything that is going on.

[2] Tonight is my last night here at home. And this is surely my last post from Penang, our beloved land and truly the best one, at least to me. How I wish I could spend more nights here with my family and friends. But fortunately [:)], tomorrow night we will be flying off, again, to our beloved-too-city of Moscow. Sorry to all my friends that I did not meet during the past 2 months. There are always next year right? And thank you to all that I have met. It is a pleasure for me to have you guys around and to know that you still remember me.

[3] Before I left for my place of study, of course, there are a lot of shopping needs to be done. Especially during this Malaysian Mega sale. It is ahmayzing. As usual before shopping, a visit to the ATM is a must. I was queueing up waiting for my turn. There are two ladies in front of me, spending their own sweet time, doing I dont know what with the ATmachine. After a while of patience (puasa), finally they are done. While I was withdrawing, a guard was standing beside me. And the most grotesque thing happened. That guard spitted beside me! S**t. Although he aimed for the waste paper basket, which in coincidently beside me too, it was very rude. Rukun negara ke-5: Kesopanan dan kesusilaan. What happened to it? Obviously we as Malaysian did not practice what is written. There are no use of reciting it everyday if we do not know what it really means.

[4] No more playing and twindling with my hair. Short indeed now. New semester new hairstyle. Cool :).

[5] Most of the things in my wishlist for the holiday has been fulfilled. Some of it aren't, which including finishing up the anatomy syllabus from page one till the end. Aiseh. Will double up the effort next sem.

[6]And for the next sem, I have been hoping to buy a keyboard. At least it can kill my boredom. I need some music in me.

[7] For my last night here, I think this is enough. Happy fasting to everyone, and hope to see all of you back in Moscow in one piece.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Care for a nose job?

I know that I have not been posting anything lately. And owh, the title has nothing to do witht he post alright:). My 2 months of holiday are so filled with a lot of things until I have no idea on what to put up. Ok, I'm lying. I have been spending most of my time at home and I am sure loving it :). My brain is just so drained up that I do not know what to write. Being at home relaxing is actually the best way of meditating. At least I am thinking of that. Anytime I want to sleep, anytime I want to eat or drink, I can actually do everything without any restrictions. No anatomy books to stop me from sleeping, apparently, no restriction to anything. Hehe. This is what I call life.

Apart from being at home, I have traveled a lot. From Kedah to Johor, the only state that I did not stop by is Melaka and Negeri Sembilan. Of course, when it comes to travelling, money came first as the main priority. Most of the money goes to my mode of travelling-the bus. Others were spent on food etc. To my surprise, I have been going back and forth, from Penang to Selangor and vice versa, around 5 times! Now that is a record for myself. 5 times in 2 months. One word=WOW. As you can see, I am now nearly broke to be. I am really hoping that our monthly allowance will be deposited soon to our accounts. Amin.

Being at home has made me addicted with this one gadget-the camera. Since I do not own one (a DSLR I mean), this is the chance for me to play with it to the fullest! I have been exploring it, but what can I say when I am not as talented and my knowledge in photography is very little. But there is no harm in trying right? Some of my shots are in my flickr, here are some which are not. I am not using real life models since it is harder to be handled with :).

Panning: This was my first try :)

Frenzy at Bukit Jalil LRT

At 1945 Penang. I was shocked that it was not dark yet.

The famous Russian matryoshka doll

4 years and still in use. Rubber band or not, I hope our relationship will never end.

Children. We are the ones who colours them.

Oh well, at least my holiday is filled up with something. It is not boring at all! Even though I did not go for holidays in Tioman or Kuching, I am still enjoying it. Nothing beats the tranquility and serenity of being at home!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday night

Current favourite: Do you-Yiruma

I have no idea but his pieces has been stuck inside my head since the first day I heard it. A must to listen. Do search for his music in youtube :)