Friday, October 23, 2009

красно-синий, самый сильный!!

(Translation=red-blue is the strongest!)

This is what the CSKA Moscow fans are chanting each time their team is playing, wherever and whenever. Even when they lost to any of the big teams I suppose, Man. United for example last Wednesday. A trait that I really respect them, a character of being supportive to your team regardless what happens. Even though I am not into fanaticism, their spirit of their team and fully committed to it makes me wonder, do us Malaysians are doing this, giving our full commitment to our own national team? I'm not generalising here but I am pretty sure that most of us is critisizing them. Why don't we spare them some chance and be supportive to them :).

Oh well, back to the point. The match between CSKA and Man. United was awesome! It was my first experience watching a live football match in a stadium with the local fans. I must admit we do felt a bit insecure before and after the match. But hey, we blended in well, and alhamdulillah we got home safely. It was one helluva experience! I am of course on CSKA side since I don't know why, I don't really like the away team. Unfortunately, the home team lost by one goal, thanks to Antonio Valencia. Haish.

The ticket

Van der Sar warming up

The match is on!

Nani, Semberas, Krasic, Berbatov, Owen

We are under the stadium's roof! :)

We enjoyed the night, screaming and shouting, routing for our favourite team of the day, CSKA. After this I hope that CSKA will advance and meet with either Real Madrid, Barcelona or Arsenal. It will be very interesting :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I am lucky

[1] The longest day of the week has officially ended. But of course, we have to endure it every week, therefore ending it today somehow doesn't mean much. Every Thursday will be like this until (I hope) the first sem ended. Day description: Classes+Lectures for 11 hours straight from 9 till 8. Excluding the time taken to get to the metro in the morning and back at the hostel at night. Imagine it during winter. It will be pitch black when we will be on our way home. We love Thursdays. Bright side:3 days of holiday (friday can be considered as holiday too as we have only one class-Russian).We love our weekends.

[2] Syawal updates! Our previous weekends were all. I mean ALL filled with open houses. It was great. The food of course is the greatest. Once we went to the girl's house located at the South of Moscow, there were lotsa pastries. From cheese cakes to caramel. Seriously I can't list everything since there were a lot of them that I didn't know. My sole job is to bring my empty stomach there and do what I do best. Thank you everyone for the open houses! Hope that there will be more even though Syawal is heading toward its end. Tak rugi kalau selalu buat makan-makan :)

[3] I will be a CSKA Moscow fan for a week till next Wednesday. A CSKA muffler maybe? Sure. Never an Man. United fan. See, I can't even type their whole team name. I just don't know why. Owh, will be back to Bolton's after their Champions League match.

[4] Controls, controls and controls. We are having it almost every week. Next is gonna be histology. The subjects are getting tougher and tougher. Nevermind. I have chosen this path and will not turn back ever.

[5] Now residing on the fifth floor of the hostel. To get to this floor, especially after a day of class, will surely be tiring. After one semester, I expect all my pes muscles to grow larger and my fitness to increase. Dah la hampir hari-hari jalan pergi metro (app. 2km).

[6] Still finding some time to go shopping. My stock of khakis and t-shirts has been depleting. I desperately need new ones. Maybe my plan to save for the next summer holiday will fail? Maybe... And the plan to get myself a keyboard is still on. Planning to survey the prices at different places all over Moscow, to get the cheapest and best price, will start tomorrow insyaAllah. "cheap ones are at par with the expensive ones". Life motto.

[7] The winter and summer holiday plans are out! Haha. I hope it won't be a mere plan. Realizing it is my main goal. Winter to where? Secret. Hehe. Summer through the trans-siberian railway to Beijing, Hong Kong, Malaysia. InsyaAllah :)

[8] Tonight is officially our night off. After a hectic 4 days of class, we truly deserve a whole night rest. Alhamdulillah i've still got the chance to write here and being able to update.

[9] One more. Moscow has got its own Carrefour! I have always been wanting to share this but unfortunately, time has been very restricting. It is near Metro Fili. Your welcome.

*Almost all of my posts will somehow, be related to food. I guess I am food-o-philiac?
**Please rout for CSKA Moscow for next week's clash.

For now.