Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Indah bukan?

Alangkah indahnya
Jika manusia ini sama
Akal, perangai dan juga fikiran
Tiadalah masalah bertandang dan singgah, bukan?

Alangkah indahnya
Jika keadaan dunia sama
Tenang aman selesa senang
Pupuslah segala keluhan sejuk dan panas, bukan?

Alangkah indahnya
Jika segalanya percuma
Wang duit sudah tiada nilainya
Mengambil yang berkenan
Tanpa takut, malu dan segan

Oh, indahnya, bukan?

Tetapi tidak sesekali ia berlaku
Kerna dunia ini dicipta Tuhan
Dicipta dengan teliti dan sempurna
Daripada sekecil-kecil sel hinggalah sebesar-besar organisma
Segalanya dengan sebab dan alasan
Untuk tujuan yang terutama
Melakukan apa disuruh-Nya, dan meninggalkan apa larangan-Nya

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

adikku yg gedempol

Hari ni birthday dia. Dulu bila birthday dia dalam 8 tahun lepas, dia bercita-cita untuk menjadi seorang wrestler yang hebat. Harap-harap ianya menjadi kenyataan :)

Selamat Hari Jadi Syed Faiq. Moga sentiasa dicucuri rahmat dan diberkati-Nya :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009


"Why say "NO" to something you did not agree with? Respect others point of view, think twice and probably it is a life changing decision for you."


Friday, December 4, 2009

It is December?

It has been 2 weeks since my last update but I think that this is normal for me. I've never exceeded 4 posts a month and my normal frequency is once a month. And now with the frequency of me using the computer is getting lesser, posting something here would have taken my time off my daily usage. What a lame excuse it is, but now my laptop has got 2 users. Somehow spending less time on the computer made me spend more time on books. Haha. At least i'm revising more compared to facebook-ing, online-ing etc. That is the good part of it :)

Oh well.

A lot of things had happened during the past 2 weeks. We went to the circus! It was interesting, seeing creatures doing what they don't normally do and watching terrifying stunts that can blow your feet of the ground. Yeah, I'm exaggerating :).

The advert

As all of you can see, the event is mostly done to attract the children. And they have done it wonderfully. I think almost half of the hall was full with kids. It started of well-the lights, the effects, the crowd, everything! The two main characters, Dolli and Domeno introduced themselves and the performances begun. From the horses running around the stage, to lions crawling through tunnels. The main idea of all these performances were to make the child to be happier. When the child enters this world of amazing friends, he can befriended with anyone and do anything fun. But throughout the whole night (we were there form 7-10), there were something very inappropriate being shown to the crowd (mostly kids). The female performers they are. Some of them were dressed half-naked! Wow. Is this what they are showing the kids? Maybe it is not suitable for the Eastern culture, but I'm not quite sure about here. I was pretty shocked by this although the main purpose is not to show their body, it is to entertain the crowd and live up their character. Minus hyper revealing performers and some boring scenes, i'm giving it an overall 8/10 rating. If anyone is planning to visit Moscow, a visit to the circus is very recommended. Do try once :)

The lights were beautiful!

This is probably the highlight of the show, which is at the end of it :)

Referring to my previous post, I was actually kinda mad that day. But emotion changes and doesn't stay in the same position all the time :). Owh and that statement that I said, was actually strengthen by my Histology lecturer recently. I can still remember her saying when the students were noisy, "Keep silence, or sleep if you want to". Lucky us our the other lecturer does not bother to warn anyone of us. Even though we hated that subject so much, why don't we give the lecturer at least some respect? In fact, she is the one who teaches us, trying to give away knowledge that are priceless, yet charged nothing from us. I was mad plus sad the other day. Is this what was teached to us when we were small? This is common sense. I'm sad that not everyone has this kind of thinking. Like an old Malay saying, "Darah sama merah, hati lain-lain". Sigh. The lecturer has done their part, why don't we keep silence and listen to what she is talking about? It can be interesting, if we do not bother to talk, and pay our full attention to her. It won't hurt anyone too :)

Yes. I'm directing this to you, to those who makes noises during the lecture and unconsiously, disturbing it. Tolonglah terasa :)


Wishlist are out! And alhamdulillah I've got hold on a few of it. First, a keyboard. Now I'm trying to improve myself on it, to not let my fingers karat like what happened before :).

Next, a backpack for travelling. This is what I very much need for this semester. Hope that our plan to go to Turkey and summer plannings will be realised.

3rd, to plan the winter holidays. We planned to go to Turkey and Cyprus might be in the list. Since we are not going to use any tourist guide, we hope to plan this accordingly with, of course, a couple or two hitches. But we will try to minimize it. Oh well, pray for us that this will soon be a reality InsyaAllah. The Cotton castle of Pamukkale, and maybe the Saranta Kolones ruins of Paphos? :)