Saturday, September 26, 2009

Raya update!

Adikku manis, cantik bergaya, Bolehkah abang nak sikit kuih raya?..dan seterusnya

At last, a post on aidilfitri here, or more specifically, our first day of Syawal. Our second and the days after are all occupied by classes and worse, controls.
Aidilfitri has been a wonderful time for me this year. It is way better than last year. Since we have been living for nearly together for a year, the gap between us, the students, maybe, has been narrowing by each day. That is what I like about it. Celebrating it together as a community was super fun! Even though we are away from family, the community here made me forget about that. A second family here I suppose? Cool.

Our first day of raya started off well-by waking up late. The best start ever. We were suppose to be ready early as our hostel is situated far from the Malaysian embassy. The girls (as usual) are earlier I don't know why. We ended up late at the embassy. When we reached there, the solat sunat was done and the khutbah has started halfway. Lucky for us there were other latecomers, too and we were grateful for that :).

Khutbah has ended and it is the most anticipated time ever-breakfast. Of course, we woke up late and didn't have much time. Although we missed the solat sunat, we still need to eat right? Again we were lucky as the food served is not that much compared to those who present. The embassy didn't expect that much to come. Ate outside the embassy's compound and after we are done, it is the photography session. Since there are a lot, I mean, A LOT of DSLR owners, I barely took pictures with my compact camera. The feeling of inferiority of course, but hey, at least I got them to take my pics. That morning was really fun. Snapping pictures with everyone, enjoying what we can't if we are back in our hometown. The little tiny whiney feeling of being away from family banished, with the substitution of happiness.

Okay. There were a lot of photos taken on that day. We went straight to the Red Square after finished photoshooting in the embassy's compound. There wasn't, indeed, the kampung feeling but hey, we are now in a city. Just like raya-ing in KL.

do rotate your head for this

class of 2014 that was present

A happy duet?

that is not a mosque (thx mubin)

Yen and Alia on the square

Salam Eid from the Red Square! (thx kumbang)

Obviously, we did what we do best-posing for the cameras and got our pictures in. There are all from the first day of Syawal. What do you think about the second day? Yeah. We have classes of course. That same night, my group mates and I need to prepare for tomorrow's class which is Biochemistry and Histology. But hey, this is our way of celebrating raya. Where else can we experience this? I don't think the Malaysians are crazy enough to not give the second raya as a holiday. If they are, then I am impressed. Our classes are filled as usually, from Monday till Friday. But on weekends, open houses await us. Last weekend only, we had 4 altogether. Fuh! It was tiring. From the north of Moscow, to the south, then centre, after that back home, to the east. Tiring, but it was compensated by the amount of food we ate. No pictures here! Since I forgot to bring my camera with me, and to charge its battery.

It was one helluva raya we got here. Far from family and country doesn't matter, as long as you have a great company with you, regardless which race is he in and where he is from. Wherever we are and whatever we do, adapting with the surrounding and its people is the most important thing. We are here for a purpose, and I'm supposed all of us know about that. Hope that again, I'll be meeting with next year's Ramadhan and Syawal, either in Malaysia or in Moscow.

step into the square

till then.


zol dabat said...

selamat hari raya
comrade syed daniel!!!

niena marina said...

eh awk..igt lg x blog sy yg awk penah comment dulu..
da lame da.. tibe2 sy bace blk post sy yg saje2 je tgk blog awk..
erm..just nk ckp sy knal mubin tu..
sy penah satu mrsm ngan rasenye die x knal kot sy..
sy knal die sbb die penah ad affair ngan kwn sy..
k la..

Syed Danial said...

niena.hurm.tak ingat lah.maybe dah lama kot :).post yg mana ek? date? boleh check balik at ur blog
oowh.kat mrsm kuala krai dulu? kalu satu mrsm takkn la tak kenal kot kan.affair? skrg dia dah ada awek pn :)

niena marina said...

tak..bukan kuala krai..mase mrsm jeli..
bukan la affair pon just cinta monyet mase form 1..
sy confirm die x knal sy..bdak2 mrsm jeli tu rmai..

Syed Danial said...

haha.maju btol mubin.awal2 dah cinta2 monyet :)
owh.slalu nya kalu dok sekolah asrama batch ramai tp kenal.anyway, nice meeting you here :)