Friday, October 23, 2009

красно-синий, самый сильный!!

(Translation=red-blue is the strongest!)

This is what the CSKA Moscow fans are chanting each time their team is playing, wherever and whenever. Even when they lost to any of the big teams I suppose, Man. United for example last Wednesday. A trait that I really respect them, a character of being supportive to your team regardless what happens. Even though I am not into fanaticism, their spirit of their team and fully committed to it makes me wonder, do us Malaysians are doing this, giving our full commitment to our own national team? I'm not generalising here but I am pretty sure that most of us is critisizing them. Why don't we spare them some chance and be supportive to them :).

Oh well, back to the point. The match between CSKA and Man. United was awesome! It was my first experience watching a live football match in a stadium with the local fans. I must admit we do felt a bit insecure before and after the match. But hey, we blended in well, and alhamdulillah we got home safely. It was one helluva experience! I am of course on CSKA side since I don't know why, I don't really like the away team. Unfortunately, the home team lost by one goal, thanks to Antonio Valencia. Haish.

The ticket

Van der Sar warming up

The match is on!

Nani, Semberas, Krasic, Berbatov, Owen

We are under the stadium's roof! :)

We enjoyed the night, screaming and shouting, routing for our favourite team of the day, CSKA. After this I hope that CSKA will advance and meet with either Real Madrid, Barcelona or Arsenal. It will be very interesting :)


FdausAmad said...


Gua nak ajak lu dtg lepak blog gua.
rilek rilek.


mud said...

1. gilah best. live kot.
2. aku support kedah, walaupun duk kalah tak henti henti sekarang ni. tengok, aku ada mentaliti CSKA.
3. awat tak ajak aku? :(

muzikri said...

haha......serious best.....haha....