Thursday, October 2, 2008

my first ever post..weee~

Assalamualaikum from here!!

I'm fine thank you for those who would want to know about my health. It has been 3 weeks since I first came here in Moscow. When we first step out of the airport, we shiver like hell. Haha. Yela, baru first time kan pergi tempat sejuk. After that, everything is superb except for the whole tedious registration process. It has been done, but not yet complete. Next week we are having our test but we dont have any textbooks with us yet..and you know what, this is what they say :

"Next week you will get your student card" we need our student card to do the library card and get the books....

The weather is pretty nice here. It can be cold at times, but most of the time-for now-it is very comfortable. We dont sweat here even though we walk for 2 kilometres. Cool huh? Hehe. Waiting for winter to come, which will be very..I mean, VERY cold. Hurm, about my 2 weeks experience here? Lucky me that i have not been threatened, beaten or disturbed by any of the Russians yet. Hehe. Three weeks is nothing. 3 down and a few hundred more weeks to go i think.Haha..

And, of course, Selamat Hari Raya to everyone! Maaf zahir dan batin. If i did any wrong to you, please forgive me ok :). Hope it is not to late. About raya over here, it is awesome!! Haha. Even though we are away from family, raya with friends here was quite nice. We went to the embassy in the morning for sembahyang raya. Then went to Moslanka to settle our registration, but heck, i cannot be done yet. After that we went to the embassy again in the afternoon. Around 5 i think. We ate a great amount of food of course! Free food maa. Who can resist it? :). Here is some pictures of us at the embassy..

Me not in my baju raya because my bag just arrive at the embassy!!

stuck in the middle

Then comes the best part of our first raya. We tried to take the bus straight from the embassy to the nearest metro station to our hostel. Nak saving duit punya pasal. Then the bus suddenly stop in the middle of the route and ask us to get down of it! Maaannnnn. We get out of it, and start to walk to the metro station we want to go to, which is 2 kilometres away!!!! It is at night by the way. Around 9 i think. But then walking with company of my friends made it an enjoyable first experience of walking at night in Moscow :)

Ok. Enough of raya. Our class starts right after the first day of raya (2nd raya).weeeeeee...

I was SO "happy".

The first lecture was pretty interesting as we have learnt it in Intec previously. But gradually, it becomes more confusing. The best part of all lectures and classes is the journey heading to it. We need to leave the hostel around 2 hours before the class started!! The place is at the last station of the metro whereas we are staying at the first one (this is an exaggeration, but it seems to be like that la, but it is really far ok
) :) Oh ya, i really like anatomy! We get to hold the real thing..not the plastics :)

Raya done. Now i would like to show off one of our cooking which I think is the best among all. It taste REALLY good ok. And i mean it. Hehe

Chicken curry and fried cabbage beside it..haha

Hurm I think that is it from me now. Hey this is my first post so do comment on any mistakes whatsoever. Haha. Positive comments are most welcome. Tata ~back to my books~ :)

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