Sunday, December 7, 2008

something to be thought of...

I know that I am not so active blogging but this material i had to write is simply worth it. See around you and observe. Even though I am far away from my homeland this "thing" is still very obvious. Racism, racism, racism.

Being away made me think: are we really what we call Malaysian? Because I doubted it even when I was still in Malaysia. Everywhere I can see that people from the same race sometime despise other from different races. Our country has celebrated its independence for 56 years but this problem still arise. I am a Malay but, I will be neutral in this case. I cannot deny that even this problem occurs amongst us, the Malays. I do not know about other races but it is very obvious in the Malay community.

Here I would like to highlight some of the incidents that happen here that made me write this. In the lecture hall, where all the students from various places were here. I can see very clearly the partition in between people from different races and sometimes, religion. At the far end left and right corner is the Malay group, the middle front part is the Chinese and the middle back part is the Indians. This is just a part of it.

And now, this is an example of so-called racism amongst the same race. Come to think of it, how can this happen?

Simple. I have been living in this kind of environment since the day I am here. Students here are sponsored by different sponsors, including the ones sponsored by their parents :). And you know what? Sometimes we can feel the barrier in between us. The MARA sponsored student are with themselves and that goes to the JPA, private and also the Armed Forces scholar too. An incident happen today here at our hostel. Tomorrow is Hari Raya Qurban and we did some pot luck tonight with room number *** and $$$ (identity should be kept secret. Sorry! :)). There is also another group doing the same thing, but at a different place. Get what I mean? Hey we are all students from the same strana. Why can't we group together in one room, to enjoy some nice delicacies and chat with one another? I cannot see any problem here. Here is what I call "racism". The unity will soon break into pieces and the chance to put it back together is somehow IMPOSSIBLE. Or should I say that there was never anykind of unity among us?

I know that this is not something new and boring. People has been saying about this all the time but what have we done to erase this problem in our life? I don't know about anybody else, but some of us have tried hard to reduce this gap between us. Guess trying is not good enough eyh?

Well, that's is all for tonight. Seriously, I have not studied anything yet because of this problem. Sorry that I did not write this earlier. Bad news first, then only the good ones will appear, right?
Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all! Hope all your sacrifices were blessed by Allah Almighty.


mud said...

1. ni kita pangey sub-racism.
2. hey ayat aku nih "And you know what?"

zol dabat said...

trying to keep my big mouth shut
anyhow please do link me....