Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Semester ends, new year's coming and holiday is around the corner

My first semester over here in MMA is "technically" over. We will be having our bio-organic chemistry finals and then it will officially start. Yay! After 3 months of struggling to adapt to the new environment and style of study here in Russia, we have been given a well-deserved holiday to relax our mind. No more articulatio, no more musculus and no more incisurae. Not that I am going to forget anything. Just clear off all that during the holidays and refresh it back after it. Holidays are meant for excitement and joy! Travelling around the world (that is if you can, money will do the talking here) or stay at home and spend the time with your friends and family. explore what your place has to offer and do not waste any time doing nothing or staring at the classic-boring television. It is time to open up your mind and see the world! Even in 2 weeks we can do a lot of things, imagine one whole month. Moscow will be ours. Yeah!

Before the start of 1st January (i.e the New Year of 2009), our last match of futsal ended in a fashionable way. Even though we created a lot, I mean A LOT of chances, we managed to scrap our way through to victory of one to nothing. A good play we have shown, but obviously not good enough to beat the 69 Flyers in a larger margin. We could have done it, if its not for the carelessness of our strikers (Prem, Ming Kuang and Fuad). Open scoring chance, but the effort went fown the drain. What a shame! Nevertheless, our team won the semester ending game and I have nothing to complain about. Sorry that I do not have any picture of the game because I myself was busy blocking the balls and clearing it off the goal line.

And yeah, the new year of 2009 is coming and I am here to wish everybody a Happy New Year! с новым годом! Also Salam Maal Hijrah 1430! я желаю счастья вам в новым году! Pray to God that we will have a pleasant new year along side our comrades and every single person in our life. I wish all of you the best and hope that your new year's resolution will be realized. Make it a reality, not only imaginary. Be safe and careful during the holidays.

~thinking all about this with bags under my eyes~ :)

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