Saturday, January 17, 2009


Bio-Organic Chemistry Finals-done! Alhamdulillah, all of us here passed the exam with flying colours. Well, most of us. Some did not make it that well that they only passed. Still, everyone could carve a smile on their face, maybe their effort matches the results that they get.

But, some of them could not take it. They thought that their effort exceeds everyone and yet, they still can not produce an excellent results. Here is an incident I would like to share with all the readers out there. After we got our written test results, I saw one of my friends burst into tears. It was all of a sudden. Then I get to know that she did not do that well for the test. She is a bright student, yet is getting an average kind of result. I am not saying that she is not grateful whatsoever. A girl's sensitive emotion, can be easily provoked by the environment. Maybe she thought that she did not put enough effort on this, or maybe she has worked harder than everyone that she did not deserve this kind of results. Whatever it is, I just like to point out that at the end, everything is determined by Allah, the most Merciful. We have the right to plan, but to execute it, it all depends on Him. There must be some hik
mah hiding behind anything that is planned for us by Allah. Be grateful with what you have (or get), and if it is not enough, double the effort up. You won't loose anything by doing this. Please, do not let the emotions controlling you, but instead you are the one controlling it.

Sorry for the very short post. I will update my blog more often since we are having our "real" holidays now. Toodles to everyone and have a great holiday!


Anonymous said...

Nice ;)
Merci for this post!

Syed Danial said...

De rien :)
just as a reminder for myself and the readers :)