Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tagged by Napster! nombre 2

1. copy paste award on your blog once u get it

2. make an entry as if it is a grammy award

3. tag 5 other blogger

4. NEVER break the chain, pls.

*throwing confetti* *clap clap* :)

First of all, I would like to thank Napster (Atiqah) for the award and tagging me. Haha. I am doing 2 tags in a row without any intermediate post in between it. Sorry for not updating for such a long time. Internet problems (well, not really. It is just that the internet is expensive. Hehe). I can obviously live without internet. Yay! It is an achievement all right. A few of the selected ones who can live without this cyber drug. Thank you again Atiqah! I know that my blog is the rockest. Hehe. Now I am going to tag:

1. Lyana Hamka

2. Wadie

3. Hanis

4. Nazrin

5. Bilik 705. Hehe


Anonymous said...

^_^ Thanks for doing it!!

Syed Danial said...

no problem :).thank u though.ur blog is the rockest too :)

Afif Sani said...

hoi syed.. pegi rusia jadi sombong!

Syed Danial said...

afif.hang tersilap ni.mana da aku sombong.i am still myself bro.aku busy skit la weyh.leh sembang2 :)