Saturday, February 14, 2009

tag from Kak Pah :)

I just do not know why I am doing this. This is my first got-tagged-by by the way. A big round of applause to me. Haha. Thank you very much to Miss Sharifah Anis for tagging me. Spasiba vam balshoye :) I have no idea on how to do this but here I go :).

1. What is the relationship of you and him/her?

~ some special relationship which I think is unappropriate to be told here :)

2. Your impressions towards him/her.
~ Very nice, good looking and smart :)

3. The most memorable things he/she had done for you.
~ A LOT. It is just so many that I can't even remember a single thing :)

5. If he/she become your lover, you will..
~ cherish *ehem* with all my life :)

6. If he/she become your enemy, you will...
~ redha dengan ketentuan Tuhan. Since I am not grateful with what I have right..

7. If he/she become your lover, he/she has to improve on his/her..
~ vocal ability, and self-confidence :)

8. If he/she become your enemy, the reason is...
~ myself :(

9. The most desirable thing to do on him/her is..
~ to stare on *ehem* face and smile with the most charming smile ever :)

10. The overall impression of him/her is..
~ a good person to be with :)

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
~ No idea. And I do not bother asking. I am just being myself. If there is any unsatisfaction, come and face me.

12. The character of you for yourself is?
~ a free-guy (free as in "hey he is giving out free food". Hehe)

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
~ can not make an angry face. Huhu

14. The most ideal person that you wanna be is?
~ myself

15. For the people who likes you, say something to them..
~ paw sikit roti! (bukan satu pertanyaan :))

16. 8 people to tag:
~ must it be 8? I have only 2 in my mind. Tag you back Anis. Haha. It is legal right? :) And Dawa :).

17. who is no. 2 having a relationship with?
~ someone. I don't really know him :)

18. Is no. 3 a male or a female?
~ no no.3. I have tagged only 2 people :)

19. If no. 7 and no. 8 were together, would it be a good thing?
~ Refer to above :)

20. How about no. 5 and 6?
~ nothing will happen. Coz they do not really exist :)

21. What is no. 1 studying about?
~ utp. And I dunno why, I saw here in a flash when i sent my sister there. And she looked fat**r :).Saja ja nak cakap ni. Hehe.

22. Is no. 4 single?
~ no number 4 :)

23. Say something about no. 2..
~ manusia yang suka mengarut and berleter :)


Anonymous said...

argh! mana aci tag aku balik.. ish2.. sampai ati ang.. dahla x bagi aku tumpang.. ang lalu je sebelah aku.. huhu..

Lina said...

tak paham dowh soalan dia tag ni...

Syed Danial said...

to fanis:hehe.takleh tag hg balik ka? aku tak tau rules dia la.hg tag aku bkn nk explain pa dlu :).hehe.bkn tak mau.time tu tgh rushing n bukan aku yg drive :)

to lina:hurm.aku pn tak paham sgt.tulih ja :).bantai pi.hehe

Anonymous said...

shhh! jangan gitau orang pasal nih..
actually, aku pon x faham dowh tag nih..
aku balun je..
malas aku nak dengar kawan aku tuh beletiaq..

Nur Farahizzati said...

so u do have someone special in yr mind/heart..hehehe..finally the secret being revealed slowly nay..heee =D