Friday, February 6, 2009

Что делать? (What to do?)

It is already 2 in the morning here in Moscow and my eyes are still wide open! I just don't know what to do. Sleep? Nah.The bed is not calling me yet. Maybe I am already used to sleeping late at night since we are in our holidays. My biological clock has turned upside down. And my second semester is going to start soon. How do I tune it back? Arghhh. Thinking about it only makes me worried. Hoping everything will be fine soon :).

We are not running away from the topic alright. The question again: What to do when you can't sleep or are bored at late at night? You can't go out to inhale the fresh night air, you have no games in your laptop, and you have no mates to talk to since, obviously, they all had long gone to the dream world (also because that you are in a different time zone). The best solution is, at least for me, is EAT! Yeah.I totally adore eating whenever I'm alone with not much thing to do. From snacks to heavy meals, anything that can be swallowed through my esophagus would be fine. Here I would like to share a simple way of making a very simple sandwich, if you are staying away from home, the common kitchen is closed, or your house/hostel just don't have a kitchen. I am highly recommending this method to the ones who are either lazy or incapable to prepare something complicated.

The things:

1) Bread (2 slices are enough, but if you crave for more, please, be my guest)
2) Cheese (open up your fridge and see how man
y you've got. Usually I used half)
3) Sauce (can be either chili or tomato)

4) Black pepper (to make it tastes slightly better)
5) A plate (to prevent any accidents of sauce spillage to happen)

The method:

1) Take the 2 slices of bread and put it on the plate. (WARNING: Do not stack the breads because it will mess up with the subsequent steps)
2) Take off the plastic cover from the cheese that you have bought. Cut it into half (in case that you are in the same boat as mine-
saving). Make sure it is symmetry.
3) Put half of the cheese back into the r
4) Place the other half on one of the bread carefully.
5) Add some tomato sauce on the same br
ead as you like. Do not waste a single drop of it. To waste even one drop might cause stir some war in between the members of the room.
6) Grind some black pepper on the same bread as much as you want.
7) Put the other slice of bread on the one cheesed. Again, be careful on doing this. It is actually the trickiest part of the whole process as it must fit the other slice exactly. Failure of doing this can cause a slight change in the taste of the sandwich.
8) Finally, the sandwich is ready. Enjoy your
meal while it is still fresh. Do not keep it overnight as it can affect the texture of the cheese.

Serving suggestion:

As you can see here, I am enjoying it with Skittles. Different candies can also be used.

*Eat when you have nothing to do. You need the focus to actually appreciate the taste of it.
*Instructions are to be followed attentively because the slightest mistake can lead to a disaster. Outcome may vary. Happy trying. :)


redSeptember said...

если вы пробурили, то приходит прочитано мой блог.

то будет держать вас многодельно.



Syed Danial said...

Xорошо! Я сделаю это. Можно связать твой блог? Скажите, пожалуйста, как тебя зoвут и откуда ты приехал?

Lina said...

ciss,x paham dah pa komen2 di atas neh....

neway,makanan yang serasi ngan budak2 hostel...

Lilian said...

Wow, you kids have learnt so much Russian in the short time you're here! Truly puts me to shame. *blush*

Syed Danial said...

to lina:hehe.takpe.tak perlu paham.kalu nk senang, pi Leh translate sume nih :)

to lilian: nah.we were in a 3 months crash course for russian language back in malaysia before we came here. We are just doing some brushing up here :). How long have u been here eyh?

.::annemishi::. said...

apsal buruk sgt tulisan russian? O_o.

btw, soklan tuh dh pnah BU-AT..

pliz refer my older post... tq. =)

Ina_Joelina said...

mmg simple...
bestnya xdpt tido lewat mlm...
sy x bley tahan smpai kul 12 pun...
nice blog...

Syed Danial said...

to anne:hurm.burok? kena blajaq dlu bahasa dia.only then ull appreciate the beauty of its writing :)hehe.dh buat ka? aiseh.takpa la.takyah la buat lagi.aku melah nk tag org len :)

to ina:wah! best jugak.boleh tido awal.n mungkin bgn awal ari2.yg tido lmbt ni lak...paham2 jela ek :)