Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One down NINE to go =)

Activities that have passed=

1st: Volgames in Volgograd-The city of heroes (end of April)
2nd: Interusrah games (May 1st in Kahovskaya). Of course we had a blast :)
3rd: Picnic with roommates and friends near the Moscow river (2nd May)
4th: Quest of searching the mosque near Prak Pobedy. Alhamdulillah we reached there safely.
5th: Watched the Victory day parade near Metro Mayakovskaya. It was superb! With all the military tanks and artilleries.
6th: Barbeque at the park (9th May at the embassy). It was a fantastic day. The weather was nice and the best part was that we were in charge of the grills. Haha. The men behind the roasted chickens and sausages. Cook and eat. That is what we do best :)
7th: Another picnic at Vorobyoviy Gori. This time with my usrah group.
8th: Bought a new pair of rollerskates for leisure. Hehe

Here are some pictures for it. Captions are at the bottom yah.

1st: Volgograd's trade mark- Mamayev Kurgan

Had a blast on all of these days. Hope that history can be repeated again. Hehe. But now, it comes the stressful part. The things that are to be done from now till the end of the month

Activities that is now need to be done=EXAMS

One down=Multiple Choice Questions for General Chemistry. How did I fare? Let just say that I don't think that I did my best. Huhu. Now I am just hoping that I passed that exam. And 9 more? Too many to be listed. Probably none of you would like to know (b'coz it is 9!!) =). Oh well, wish me luck in my exams and hope that I can be back in Malaysia this upcoming summer holidays. Catcha later. Salam.

With love,
Syed Danial =)


.::annemishi::. said...

rambut ang smart~~~
i like....klasik gitu~
jrang org wat rmbut cm tuh..

Dai said...

waa!! best siot... nk gi russia!!!

first stop... UK... +)

aaLia said...

hmm nk simpan rambut sampai panjang mana mr danial??

Syed Danial said...

rambut2 sy akan dikerat sebik saja sampai ke tanah air terchinta :).hehe.Dai..mai la cni.jln2 tatkala winter :)