Sunday, May 31, 2009

A moment of relaxation

30th of May 2009. It was sunny and there was no sign of rain whatsoever. What else can you describe the weather as? Perfect? Superb? And everything synonym with it of course =). A great day for a picnic a.k.a barbecue. We had that yesterday. It was fantastic. Especially the food. Although it was a little bit burnt, whatever that can be filled into our stomach, is considered as tasty and delicious. I can't say anything about the cooking as I am not the man behind the grill (want to keep my shirt off the smell of smoke). I was assigned as the photographer on that day. I know it might not be great photos, but hey, pictures say a thousand words aite? Location=a pond near the M2 hostel. The place is very strategic yet magnificent. The view is nice (I mean the environment, not the ones who were sunbathing). Went there around 10 and returned at 3. After eating, me and Fuad went to the other end of the lake to rent i-dont-know-what-it-is-called-thing (see picture below) to explore the lake more. Had a great time my friends. Sorry to those who weren't invited. Next time we'll organize a larger one. Huhu =.=' :).

First round of chicken

Paul jaga api?? :)

The garlic breads

Am grateful that you can't reach my head. Hehe

Second round of chicken

Careful. Acap might get his hand burnt

4 girls, a guy and a barbecue place?? :)

Me and Fuad on "the thing" :)

Matthew and Qaiyum. Happy with a full stomach

The chickens were great and obviously everyone played their own role in making this event a successful one. Thank you to all! =)


mud said...

gilah nmpak macm best
makann best
kawan2 best

paling best, rambut laah

Raz said...

Hey, buddy! It seems like you're having lotsa fun in Russia. Cool! And thanks a lot for dropping by my blog and commented. It means a lot to me. Haha. I've linked you, and hope to keep in touch with you online. LoL! It's nice to meet you here. ;-)

Syed Danial said...

senang crita suma best loh mud :)
hello back at cha raz! sure having fun here.hehe.sure thing.i'll linkde u up too :)

ana farhana said...

best yer..
nxt tyme ajak ok